Loch Lubnaig - Behind The Shot

Image - Dusk On Loch Lubnaig 

Location - Loch Lubnaig Scotland

Date - 25/09/2017

Time - 19.09pm

I took this iPhone shot as my camera was in the middle of an 8 minute exposure shooting my image Dusk On Loch Lubnaig. This was the last shot I took on the first full day of my September road trip. As I sat looking out the back window of the van I could see the mist descending down the far end of the Loch and decided to head out for a look. It was a slow moving mist, the blue hour was just beginning and while the loch had gone mostly still a slight breeze blew through every now again and created little ripples on the surface as you can see in this shot. I found this beautiful spot, set up my composition and decided to go for an 8 minute long exposure to smooth out the mist and the water and add a sense of drama. 

I've adjusted the brightness on this iPhone image to highlight my camera and the surroundings better but it was actually as dark as it is in the final image. 


Here is the final image. This is one of my favourite images of the year. I was so glad I headed out that night and captured this. It was a perfect end to a magical day.

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