3 Days in Steampunk: A photo diary of time well spent

Coffee. Sweet, aromatic, delicious, comforting coffee. I love it, it would seem most people love it judging by how busy this place is. While its location in an old joinery warehouse and its decor of exposed brick, steel, glass and vintage Probat coffee roaster would suggest that this is a coffee shop in the middle of a city bursting at the seams with people- Steampunk Coffee, a coffee shop, cafe and roastery is in fact located in a small Scottish seaside town with a population a little over 6 thousand. It sits out of place in North Berwick - a commuter town servicing the capital Edinburgh to the west, surrounded by golf courses and acting as a day out destination for city folk desperate to escape the bustle - and that is exactly why I love it...in fact I live right next door to it. My house is within aroma distance and so when they are roasting, life is good!