Film: Perthshire Road Trip Autumn 2017

In late October 2017 I embarked on one of the best road trips I’ve been on so far. Four days travelling around and photographing beautiful Perthshire in a VW autumn, it just doesn’t get any better than that. 

Perthshire is gorgeous at the best of times but wearing a cloak of beautiful autumn colours it is absolutely sublime. I had a few locations I considered a must. The Hermitage in Dunkeld, The Birks of Aberfeldy and Kinnoull Hill were top of my list but the rest of the trip was about scouting out new areas. On my last road trip, as a little side project I had shot a few iPhone videos in some of the locations I was photographing. While those videos were nothing special it was definitely something I wanted to try again on this trip. While it shoots great video I didn't want to use my Nikon as I would be using it for photographing and so not owning another camera I opted for using my iPhone 7 again. My knowledge of putting together videos is very limited so I didn't think it worth the risk spending too much money on equipment this early however, to try and improve the quality of the footage I purchased the Filmic Pro app, a Lamparte gimbal and a cheap iPhone tripod mount. As this was primarily a photography trip I wanted to be able to set up my phone on a separate tripod and leave it filming while I got on with taking pictures. If there was an opportunity to use it then I had the gimbal there but I really didn't want the video to encroach too much into the photography side of things. 

With that said, I ended up really enjoying it. The process of setting up and shooting the video was an entirely new experience, one that in some circumstances made me rethink the photos I was shooting. The footage form the iPhone and the Filmic Pro app is ok for such a simple set up. The Lanparte gimbal is great but I definitely need to find the right circumstances to use it in, on this trip there were no occasions where I felt using it would work.

I've had the footage from the trip sitting around on my phone and desktop since I returned home but haven't been able to spare any time to work on it. Over the Christmas break I was able to sit down, look through it all and edit together this video. It’s my first attempt at an accompanying video so it's a bit rough round the edges I admit. I didn't have the Filmic Pro app set up properly, I forgot to shoot video in all of the places I was shooting and in some locations I shot video but wasn't happy with the end photograph. It was a fun project and as a learning experience it was invaluable. I definitely want to do more of this so any comments and tips would be greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoy the video. 


The Hermitage & River Braan Dunkeld

The Birks Of Aberfeldy & Moness Burn

Panorama - Schiehallion to Farragon Hill