Film: Seagrass


It’s taken me a while but recently I’ve started to really appreciate just how beautiful seagrass is. From afar it appears soft, almost velvety and yet up close each blade is sharp edged, coarse and hard with the simplicity of its needle like structure alluding to the harshness of its environment. With a large enough patch you can track the unique patterns of the wind as it blows over, gently billowing in hypnotic waves. It doesn’t matter how windy it is, the seagrass always seems to be living its life in slow motion, resigned and happy to go wherever the wind points it. It captures and reflects light beautifully. The pale yellows at the top giving way to greens and occasionally soft blue greys at the base. At sunrise and sunset it transforms into something even more magical, capturing the red glow and reflecting it back as muted oranges and pinks. It’s always in motion and yet seems in no hurry to go anywhere. A perfect place to sit down and contemplate, to clear your mind with the only sound being a gentle hiss as it sways and contorts in the wind.


Living by the coast I am surrounded by seagrass. Whenever I’m out shooting seascapes I’m always distracted by its gentle swaying. Recently I’ve been trying to feature it more in my seascape images, as foreground interest and even as the main subject in a few shots. Its inability to remain still gives a great fluid motion to the images which seems almost reminiscent of the waves surrounding it. As the day progresses the seagrass changes, reflecting light differently and changing colour accordingly. The more time I’ve spent around it, the more I’ve come to appreciate these qualities. I decided to film the seagrass over the course of a day, from sunrise to sunset to try and capture the beauty of the movement and the changing behaviour of the reflected light. You can watch that film below.

Next time you are at a beach take a moment to turn away from the sea and look at the seagrass, spend some time walking through it and see just how mesmerising and relaxing it can be. You won’t regret it.