Filmed at Milsey Bay & Belhaven Beaches in East Lothian in Scotland this is a short film capturing the natural beauty & motion of waves from the air.

614ft North Berwick Law

A short film of the North Berwick Law, a 614ft remnant of a 300 million year old volcanic plug which sits in the beautiful seaside town of North Berwick on Scotland's East Coast.


Living by the coast I am surrounded by seagrass. Whenever I’m out shooting seascapes I’m always distracted by its gentle swaying. Recently I’ve been trying to feature it more in my seascape images, as foreground interest & even as the main subject in a few shots. Its inability to remain still gives a great fluid motion to the images which seems almost reminiscent of the waves surrounding it. As the day progresses the seagrass changes, reflecting light differently & changing colour accordingly. The more time I’ve spent around it, the more I’ve come to appreciate these qualities. Filmed over one full day from sunrise to sunset to capture the beauty of the movement & the changing behaviour of the reflected light. 

Snow Day

March 2018. A weather front nicknamed "The Beast From The East" makes landfall on the East Coast of Scotland in my hometown of North Berwick. I had been out earlier in the day taking photographs but as conditions worsened I retreated to the warmth of home. While watching the storm from my window I decided to document it and made this short film. All footage was shot from just two windows in my flat. 

Landscape Photography Roadtrip - Perthshire Autumn 2017

A short film from my 4 day Autumn road trip through gorgeous Perthshire Scotland in 2017. 

These are just a few of the sublime locations I visited whilst travelling round and photographing this beautiful part of Scotland in a VW California. 

All video footage was shot on the iPhone 7 in Filmic Pro.

The Hermitage & River Braan Dunkeld
The Birks Of Aberfeldy & Moness Burn
Panorama - Schiehallion to Farragon Hill

St Abbs Lighthouse Time-lapse

Shot for Instagram on the Lumix GX80 25mm f1.7 - February 2019