I’ve lived in North Berwick for the last 9 years and found myself fortunate enough to photograph the beautiful landscapes of this area in all conditions, from dry scorched summers to frigid and frozen winters and every other type of weather and light you could imagine in between. Over the years I’ve built up a wealth of images that I’m immensely proud of so when asked by Fringe By The Sea to put together a gallery for this year’s festival it seemed like a relatively easy task. However, as is often the case there was a little voice telling me to try something new. To step out of the mould and push the boundaries of my comfort zone a little further. And so an idea was born. To shoot a series of new images in a medium I was fairly unaccustomed to - 35mm film.

With this new medium came an entirely new way of looking at the landscape. Gone were the grand vistas, dramatic seascapes and long exposures and in their place more intimate and immediate views of the town and its coastal surroundings. The limitations of black and white and of the film itself forced home just how important light and its interaction with the landscape was. These nine final images are some of my favourites that I’ve shot of this beautiful little town and this project and the experience of learning how to shoot and develop film has forever changed how I look at light, landscapes and photography in general.

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This is a mini series of images shot in The Meadows in Edinburgh, July 2019. Using intentional camera movement (ICM) & subject tracking to capture the speed & movement of cyclists. After a few failed attempts to capture the exact look I was trying for I realised that over exposing the images by a full stop further isolated the subjects from the background & created the high- key, ethereal look I wanted.

All six images are available as prints, if you are interested please feel free to drop me a message HERE

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